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H-Guard Advantages
H-Guard has the best water purification technology.It has advantage over other water purifier as it offer you the following :
Gives better life to your reverse osmosis machine
Removes even harmful dissolved impurities like Arsenic,Rust,Pesticides,Fluorides etc. besides removing bacteria and viruses.
For double purification, totally kills remaining bacteria & viruses and makes water 100% pure.
TDS Controller
TDS Controller maintaines essesntial natural minerals in the purified water by adjustment of TDS.
MC (Mineral Cartridge
Improve minerals and taste of your purified water.
AS (Mineral Cartridge
Remove scaling of water.
Suitable for all sources of water
Be it tap,overhead tank or from underground water from these sources can be purified to bottled quality water.
Automatic Operations
With storage capacity that makes water available on demand,even in the absence of electiricity/water supply.